The best locations at the best conditions

imetas's speciality is project development in waterside locations and is currently limited to northern Germany. With good reason, as this ensures that its property portfolio remains manageable. The residences planned by imetas are mostly in attractive waterside locations and generally find their future owners during the construction phase. In this way we secure all the developments through the convincing choice of location well before completion.

An effecitve pool of partners

Security for investors and users is at the top of our agenda in our project developments. To minimise possible risks, projects are not realised entirely through our internal network but in close partnership with other companies as a joint venture. A network of expert partners is formed specifically for each project to entsure it is not simply completed but achieves individual success. Properties such as the d.quai project in the HafenCity Hamburg are the result of close cooperations between imetas and its partners.

Investments with a future

The acquisition, marketing and structuring of property investments are the most important services for our customers of many years' standing. Our scope of services includes:

  • Property acquisition based on investment profile
  • Property evaluations
  • Cash flow analyses
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Exit scenarios (when an investor sells an interest)
  • International marketing

We will be happy to tell you about our current properties.

Made-to-measure properties

Individual buyer management is a crucial instrument within our marketing strategy. Our goal is to identify both users and investors with the properties developed by imetas. We achieve this through special buyer management that involves the customer in the construction process from the very start. If they wish, buyers can participate in the initial planning phases of their new living space. The result are properties that meet the needs of their users like a second skin.